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Landing Site

The message we wanted to communicate to potential sellers is ability to bridge the gap between Chinese merchants and American consumers. To this end, we included more information such as the features of the mobile app, the benefits of selling direct to consumers, and information on how to join.


As part of the website redesign, we needed to include an FAQ to allow potential sellers to learn about our platform. While we did have a seller onboarding team whose information is directly available on the main site, we also wanted sellers to be able to access this information for themselves. 

Under the "How to Join" section, the seller will be guided to an FAQ includes all the information regarding how to sell on Outlet. 

Sign Up Screen

Log In Screen with error state

Forgot Password Screen

Sign In Screens

Because we were targeting Chinese wholesale merchants, we wanted to include signing up with WeChat, which is the predominant method of messaging that is used in China. 


Add product page

I added a CSV upload section with column mapping as well as size charts to help sellers list products with more uniform sizing information. 

Shipping Settings

Each seller handles their own shipping, but the mobile app would still need to communicate the estimated shipping cost and time of arrival for the customer. Using information from China Post, the most widely used shipping service by the sellers, the shipping options offer estimated costs and times for shipping to different countries and regions.

I made preset groups of common regions (US, Europe, Top Countries etc) as well as the ability to create add and delete individual countries and to save custom shipping settings. The shipping options are set by item, so that the information is input on the top row. Things like weight remain constant so the column is not editable. However the shipping method could vary by country so that column and the price and times are estimates we are providing to help fill in the item information and not a guarantee. Sellers can use that information, but should be able to edit them as well.